Yes you know the ones, those that think they know everything in the entire world. Well one of them goes to my school. I once heard her say, eavesdropping of course, that she can’t help that her brain is better than everyone else’s….okayyyy. Well today I was snoozing a little bit in history class while still attempting to listen and she makes this big show about reaching over and “waking me up”. All I said was, I’m not sleeping this is how I learn. Okay just because you have no life doesn’t mean you can make fun of mine missy!



Well with the Election of our new president coming up tomorrow I must admit that I am nervous. My views are completely democratic and while this doesn’t stop me from listening to what people have to say I would completely and always vote for Barack Obama over Mitt Romney. I do believe in gay marriage, abortion rights, medicare and medicaid, etc. This election is very important because not only will they be our president for the next 4 years but it is most likely that they will pick supreme court justices which will affect our country as long as those justices live. If you are over 18, please vote, there is not reason not to. I personally can not vote but if I could I would be the first one at the voting polls….or maybe not since that is my one day to sleep in. Image

It’s Your Wedding Day

The fact that I don’t post enough is upsetting, I sometimes completely forget that I have a blog. If you didn’t know by now I am a theatre kid and this weekend was my high school production of The Wedding Singer. You know, that 80’s movie with Adam Sandler? I was just ensemble but at the same time I was the sexiest featured dancer you’ll ever see and the best PanAm agent. It’s this sweet show about weddings, sex, and love with the corniest jokes and dance moves you will ever see. But I love my cast and crew and had such a great time. I’m not sure what I can do with my life now….homework, eating, sleep, and exercise? Sounds good. I’m ready to go back to Zumba classes. Image

Hurricane Sandraaaaa

Well this is two years in a row that school has been cancelled on the Monday approaching November, two years where rehearsal has been cancelled for SHSTC’s school musical leaving worry in the back of everyone’s minds. But will we have school tomorrow? Will our teachers forgive our lack of homework due to “thoughts of not having school”. Will I actually be able to get things done? One year a snow storm, the next a hurricane. What comes next? My thoughts go out to anyone who’s homes have been lost. I myself have been freaking out every time I hear the crack of a branch or the loud gusts of wind outside my window. The flickering lights don’t help matters either. To those of you who have been exciting high school students with your posts of “NO SCHOOL” very nice trolling but it was completely unnecessary to cancel school today let alone tomorrow. Unless some gust of wind throws out all the power in the neighborhood I will see you all tomorrow. Image“Here I am, Rock You Like A Hurricane” -Scorpions